The philosophy behind Bent Bar was simple. One team of individuals sharing the same passion, powerlifting. Whether we are at the gym, on the platform, or just hanging out, we all support each other. 

Sharing in that same passion allows us to help each one of us grow as a competitor and a teammate. Supporting those on the platform is the best form of team support we can provide.

One team one vision.

Our 2024 competition schedule

January 28, 2024, USA Powerlifting All Academy

February 17 - 2024 USA Powerlifting Rookie Ruckus 2

March 16-17 - 2024 USA Powerlifting New York State Championships

June 1, 2024, USA Powerlifting 1st Annual SMG Summer Slam

June 29-30 - 2024 USA Powerlifting Open World Cup

November 2024, USA Powerlifting Ivy League Cup

Some of the competitions we've run.